Code of Conduct

The Oncology Portal community operates under the following Code of Conduct, which has been authored by a working group made up of The Oncology Portal physician members. These simple rules foster open dialogue and promote a professional environment for all.

  • A basic tenet of The Oncology Portal is that users remain as anonymous as they choose. Whether you think you know a person or not, exposing identifying information (for example:cell  phone number, family members, etc..) about other Oncology Portal members violates this Code of Conduct. More specifically, as defined in The Oncology Portal's Terms of Service, your privileges in The Oncology Portal may be revoked if you reveal personal information about  another participant of The Oncology Portal.
  • While debate is encouraged, please refrain from attacking the individual behind an idea. The Oncology Portal's Terms of Service define that your privileges in The Oncology Portal may be revoked if you make threats against any other The Oncology Portal member during participation in the site.
  • As in other professional communications, if you contribute information to The Oncology Portal you are required to disclose any relevant conflicts of interest. As a guideline, financial conflicts of interest may include research grants or consulting fees, royalties, equity, or other remuneration from a company that could be directly affected by the information contributed. Disclosures should be made in any relevant postings. The Oncology Portal's Terms of Service states you must disclose any conflict of interest and disclosure must be made directly within your comment or post to which the conflict pertains.

Profanity or name-calling is inappropriate.